What’s important to you??

As much as I say to Albert “why weren’t we doing this all along?! We could have saved loads of money by now!!”, he puts into perspective our life and what being without a budget meant for us.

As I’ve said before, we were never late with our bills or rent or struggled to make ends meet, but there was always a sigh of relief when payday rolled around.  Sometimes we would look at our bank account and went “oh my, where’s our money gone?!?”, when we knew exactly where it went. It went to the pub for cheeky Friday night drinkies. It went on that it’s-wednesday-so-lets-have-curry.  It went on that gym membership that I just did not use, no matter how much I was kidding myself.

And you know what, that was okay, and still is okay if that’s your sitch.  Yea, we could have saved lots more. We could have said no to Friday night drinks. But we didn’t want to. We didn’t have any dependents (apart from the pooch and puss, who were always well fed), and lived in an area which was close to a really nice part of town, where we could walk easily to the pub or to a restaurant and socialise.  That was our lifestyle, and as much as I think that we could have saved more, it’s what I wanted to do/be like at that time.

And that’s okay!

Albert’s Girl x

4 Weeks 5 Days

Not that i’m counting.

Someone asked me the other day how I could know that I would like to be in Canada.  When i told her my reasoning (or lack of and simply a gut reaction), she said she had the same pull to Bath, but once she had been there, it wasn’t anything she expected it to be.

This landed like a lead balloon in my stomach.  Although what she said next did make me feel better.

She found somewhere on the way back home that she felt she could really settle in – BINGO!

So as my flight is direct from the UK, it must be somewhere that i visit on the way back to my holiday let….right???!?

That’s how life works…..obviously!

Albert’s Girl x