What’s important to you??

As much as I say to Albert “why weren’t we doing this all along?! We could have saved loads of money by now!!”, he puts into perspective our life and what being without a budget meant for us.

As I’ve said before, we were never late with our bills or rent or struggled to make ends meet, but there was always a sigh of relief when payday rolled around.  Sometimes we would look at our bank account and went “oh my, where’s our money gone?!?”, when we knew exactly where it went. It went to the pub for cheeky Friday night drinkies. It went on that it’s-wednesday-so-lets-have-curry.  It went on that gym membership that I just did not use, no matter how much I was kidding myself.

And you know what, that was okay, and still is okay if that’s your sitch.  Yea, we could have saved lots more. We could have said no to Friday night drinks. But we didn’t want to. We didn’t have any dependents (apart from the pooch and puss, who were always well fed), and lived in an area which was close to a really nice part of town, where we could walk easily to the pub or to a restaurant and socialise.  That was our lifestyle, and as much as I think that we could have saved more, it’s what I wanted to do/be like at that time.

And that’s okay!

Albert’s Girl x

Moving House and Home

As I’ve come back to this blog, I’ve realised it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted. However, it’s not been a year yet since my last post – so i don’t feel as bad!

Life has moved on pretty dramatically since I last posted, as it does! So here’s a recap:


Moving Home

There has been far too much adulting in the last 6 months which have seen us save up a deposit using the help to buy ISA the government so nicely add to; as well as purchase our first house (!) 50 miles down the road from where we used to live, and move house on 23rd December. Yes, we were crazy enough to take on Christmas and move house as well.

The help-to-buy ISA was relatively straightforward to use, and we set-up a standing order to transfer the amount we could afford into the account each month in order to save.  The ISA’s allow up to £200 to be placed into the account each month, with an initial deposit max of £1200.
The only frustrating thing we found when closing the ISA’s were that we needed to wait for a closing letter.  In the end, this was the final of 3 letters we received. It was VERY frustrating waiting for this through the post. The first was telling us the account had closed, the second a statement of the account, and then the third was another account closure letter, but stated that this was the one needed to gain the added bonus from her majesty.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS COULDN’T BE A LETTER I DOWNLOADED FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. All the other bank statements I have are paperless, so why was this any different?!!

Although I got quotes from removal companies to see best price/deal, in the end, those companies were fully booked and therefore we managed to source a company in Leicester (oh yeah – managed to miss the fact that this is where we’ve moved to!)
They were a little more pricey than others we found, but the fact they could move us relatively quickly and so close to Christmas was fab.

All in all, moving house at Christmas was actually relatively stress-free and quite nice (?!) I would recommend moving house over Christmas, as much as it was a bit of a stress trying to find a removal company who could move us so close to the holidays.  I say this as a person who doesn’t have kids so this might have made it more difficult. However, it was nice to know that we weren’t against the clock to go back to work, and had time to settle in and unpack at our leisure.
We still managed to get our tree up, and have a fab Christmas in our own home! As we weren’t able to put any decorations up before we moved (we could have, but I didn’t like the idea of unpacking something to pack it back up again!), I definitely didn’t feel festive until after Christmas day had been and gone.  It was our first Christmas on our own, which also made it pretty special, as normally we are travelling to see family.

I feel that’s enough of a post – moving house has taken over the last few months, and I can’t quite think what else we’ve actually had time to do!
If any first-time buyers have any questions about moving house, please feel free to leave a comment – happy to answer any questions. No question is a silly question!

I WILL post again soon!

Albert’s Girl x

Albert, the pooch and I

So my visit to Canada came and went. We got engaged, and had the most amazing time. It rained constantly, but that had very little impact on how glorious I found Vancouver and everything about it.

Ever since we’ve returned I’ve been in life planning mode. Thinking about practical purchases, what to do financially, and very adult discussions including mortgages and house prices (I’m far too young in my head for all this!).

Albert feels it would be too expensive to move to Canada and have a life there. He’s right if we were thinking about moving to Vancouver (there is some pricey housing to say the least!) but we’re in agreement that we would regret it if we didn’t at least try.

So I’m hoping to be able to document all the stages and experiences that come with moving abroad in the years to come, so others can get an idea of the processes and requirements that are needed.  In other words, the worlds longest how-to guide!!

In the meantime, I’d like to keep posting into the ether, about my life with Albert, my passion for sewing (everyone seems to be so i’m jumping on the proverbial bandwagon!) and all other of life’s trials and tribulations.  At least this might allow you (the reader) to take time out of your own lives to know that – life’s shit sometimes, but you’re not alone!!

All the best wordpressers!

Albert’s Girl x