Breaking up with Specsavers

My eyesight isn’t the best. I think things are further away than they are (many a childhood day spent walking into things or watching the TV out of the side of my eyes), and I have astigmatism in both eyes. I’m not writing this to get sympathy – far from it! I’m simply setting the scene of why I needed to go see an Optician in the first place.

So I’ve worn glasses since as long as I can remember. And contact lenses since my 16th Birthday – I love a practical gift!

Also just to note – this isn’t a post slating Specsavers – they’re great at what they do, and I’ve always had fab service. Other opticians are available 😛

Anyway, since getting contact lenses, I’ve subscribed to their lens-mail scheme and happily received a well-organised package through the door every 3 months with a fresh batch of monthly contact lenses and solution. This cost me £21.50 per month.

Now because I’m not great at remembering when I’ve started a new pair of contact lenses, a few pairs would build up, including many bottles of solution, to the point that I would go on a break from having them delivered every once in a while. I’m not gross, just human!

However, it’s only since taking a look at my direct debit’s and deciding whether I really needed some subscriptions, that I looked into purchasing contact lenses from an alternative company.

I feel you know where this is going.
The Math
£21.50 per month x 3 months of contact lenses = £64.50
£64.50 x 4 (to determine a year’s worth) = £258

I found a company who can supply my contact lenses with solution and case for £46.79 for 3 months worth, working out at £15.60 per month. £187.20 per year. A £70.80 saving.

This isn’t rocket science. And I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. But some things become routine and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But this is something I can definitely spend a little bit of time every 3 months to order.

There are perks to schemes such as this, such as a free eye test and money off glasses every year. But I didn’t purchase glasses often enough to justify the saving. Plus, the cost of an eye test is not £70.

You might have already done something similar to this, so I’d love to hear what you’ve sussed out to save you casheesh!

Albert’s Girl x

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