3 days

This time on Thursday I will be on a plane flying high above the Canadian clouds en route to Vancouver.

I am beyond excited!!

Although there is a part of me that is mega worried I have forgotten something to plan or pack (although I know I have 3 days to remember stuff!!).  It’s still a very exciting yet nervous time!

Flights sorted. Travel insurance bought. Transfers from the airport booked. Accommodation sorted.

I think because this is my first time ever visiting the country I think I could settle in, I am putting way to much pressure on this trip being amazing.

However, if I needed more reason as to why it is fate that I live in this country I found it this weekend.
Albert enjoys video games and all things Nintendo/X Box/Playstation related.  The weekend we will be arriving in Vancouver, there is a convention which is host to lots of retailers and game enthusiasts which Albert is all over and all about going to!

Another sign I have had was waiting at a roundabout to take the last exit.  A massive haulage lorry passes me, with my last name and “International Removals” brazened on the side.

I don’t think I need any more signs! (I’m obviously a fully functioning adult without a cognitive or neurological deficit who understands and is aware that it takes more than coincidences for life-changing decisions to be made)

But it helps!


Albert’s Girl x


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