Current Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

I’m here. Have been for 4 days now. I’m loving it!

It’s picturesque, the locals are friendly, and all I want to do is keep exploring this stunning city.

It’s everything I thought it would be AND MORE!!

We’ve been living like locals taking the bus (and Seabus!!) to explore the neighborhoods and cities.  Having dinner and looking in shops, comparing everything to back home and naturally putting a better spin on everything here.

I’m probably making things seem better than they are in England, and I should maybe give the mother land a break.  But this place is AWESOME!!


Oh, and something that makes this place the best place in the world..

Albert and I got engaged!!

Albert’s Fiancé


2 more sleeps

I’ve never been a person to count sleeps as a measure of time before an event. I think it’s more of a “Northern thing” ( being originally from the big smoke). 

But tonight is packing night, ready for tomorrow to head down to my aunt’s house. From there we will get a lift to the airport and say goodbye to this Kingdom for 2 weeks.

I have tonnes left to do, and my community caseload needs organising so it won’t go wild while I’m away. 

But I’m going to Canada in 2 sleeps, so meh!

Albert’s girl x

3 days

This time on Thursday I will be on a plane flying high above the Canadian clouds en route to Vancouver.

I am beyond excited!!

Although there is a part of me that is mega worried I have forgotten something to plan or pack (although I know I have 3 days to remember stuff!!).  It’s still a very exciting yet nervous time!

Flights sorted. Travel insurance bought. Transfers from the airport booked. Accommodation sorted.

I think because this is my first time ever visiting the country I think I could settle in, I am putting way to much pressure on this trip being amazing.

However, if I needed more reason as to why it is fate that I live in this country I found it this weekend.
Albert enjoys video games and all things Nintendo/X Box/Playstation related.  The weekend we will be arriving in Vancouver, there is a convention which is host to lots of retailers and game enthusiasts which Albert is all over and all about going to!

Another sign I have had was waiting at a roundabout to take the last exit.  A massive haulage lorry passes me, with my last name and “International Removals” brazened on the side.

I don’t think I need any more signs! (I’m obviously a fully functioning adult without a cognitive or neurological deficit who understands and is aware that it takes more than coincidences for life-changing decisions to be made)

But it helps!


Albert’s Girl x